Pray For Me, Peso & Stop Hate UK - The Back Story

‘Pray for Me’ and the partnership between, M4UDE, PESO and ’Stop hate UK’ grew organically

out of a vocalist competition launched by LoudHouse on instagram to connect with new talent.

Which is fast becoming The LoudHouse’s proudest project to date.

Artists were asked to send in an original vocal performance over a ’M4UDE’ instrumental, with

the lucky winner receiving a production bundle including a recording of the track, a music

video, press shots and more.


Peso, after being tagged by a mutual friend in the post commented, ‘rappers don’t do

competitions we apply pressure!’. This caused Harry at LoudHouse and half of DJ duo M4UDE to

‘apply pressure’ too, resulting in a submission from rapper Peso. Peso’s ability

to both rap and sing combined with his topical and poignant lyricism on systemic racism and

discrimination made him stand out of the crowd.

Perfectly coinciding with Loudhouse’ trip to the George Floyd Protests in London. The boys

took a truck rigged with a generator and PA system to the protests. Which they used to amplify

the voices of the protestors and to provide a soundtrack of music from the black community to

uplift and spread positivity throughout the protest. They captured some wholesome and

beautiful footage. This footage was later included in the ‘Pray for me’ Music video. The protest

footage combined with powerful lyrics and Martin Luther King sampling created a powerful medium for real positive change which is ‘Pray for me’.

All proceeds generated from ‘Pray For Me’ will contribute in supporting the black community.

We have partnered up with Stop Hate UK for their 25th anniversary who will recieve 50% of the

revenue. 25% will go to Peso and the 25% that LoudHouse hold will be reinvested into finding

and funding undiscovered young black talent.

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content creation for people and products. LoudHouse is headed by Harry Maude, 24, a

Cinematographer and DJ as well as his brother Jamie Maude, 26, a Music Producer/DJ who is

Head of Music at Loudhouse. Together the brothers formed ‘M4UDE’ a brother DJ Duo who

combine their audio-visual talents to produce their own music and music videos.

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